May 2011 YPN Wrap Up

May YPN at Moxies

Thank you to everyone who attended the YPN Event tonight.  We had over 40 people in attendance with 12 new faces adding to the very energetic mix.  Thank you to Rade Kovacevic of The Guelph Medical Cannabis Centre for leading the night.  Rade can be reached at  Normally we focus on very informal networking in a mix and mingle setting.  This month we wanted to try a team building event to see how it would be and if we could look to incorporate more into our regular routines.  We wish to thank Issy Nochomovitz from Think-It! Innovative Training.  Issy can be reached at 519-767-2013 or  The activity that Issy led, definately forced me to think outside the box and I hope you had fun.  The group of (Mallory MacNiel, Candice Lepage, Warren Wheatley, Marc Morais, Doug Adlam and Richard Maynard-Langedijk) were the winners in the contest and will share $200 in Moxies gift certificates donated by Rob Murray of Intrigue Media

We would appreciate any feedback you have so that we can discuss for future events.  Next month we will be back to our regular social mix and mingle with beverages on the patio of Borealis!  We hope to see you there.

Special Mention goes out to Steve Mills of Steve Mills Design, as he designed an excellent logo with an hour for “Petite Boutique”.  Also, special thanks to Belle Visontay of Intrigue Media  for making that awesome design digital.  Check it out below:

Steve Mills Design

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