August 2011 YPN Wrap Up

August YPN at Van Gogh’s Ear

Although I wasn’t there last night, all I heard was amazing reviews from some of those that attended, one of the best YPN’s ever.  What better way to end our third year of existence and as we contine to plan for the future I wish to thank everyone who attended the YPN Event at Van Gogh’s last night, your attendance made it the success that it was.  We had almost 50 people in attendance with 13 new faces adding to the very energetic mix.

Thank you to Rob Murray of Intrigue Media not only for coordinating Eagle’s Flight but also for all the work they have done over the years to make Guelph YPN the huge success that it is.  If you have a business and you want the message to get out to the masses and you need help getting the fish to jump in the boat, you need to check out what Intrigue can do.  Rob can be reached at

Further thanks goes out to Eagle’s Flight and Mike DeQuetteville (Senior Manager, Business Development).  They presented last night “The 5 Summits of Winning” which is Phil Geldart’s latest handbook, and it draws the powerful connection between ‘accountability’ and ‘winning’ and provides a practical model for harnessing that connection. Check them out at  I read the book last night and it is a great reminder that the simple things can make the largest difference not only in our lives but the lives of others.


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