October YPN Event

The October YPN is going to be facilitated by Juice Inc. Rick Boersma will use graphic-facilitation techniques and interactive-exercises to illustrate how specific innovation techniques can be used to assist work-teams in self-facilitating efficient and productive innovation sessions.

Rather than simply talking theory, he will use a tool called Value Chain analysis which is a useful tool for thinking through the ways in which value is delivered to clients. That information is used as a leaping off point to brainstorm how to create exceptional client experiences. Participants will experience a structured innovation approach that provides clear path through four of the five stages of innovation: Identification, Investigation, Ideation, and Impact evaluation. 

Next months YPN is sponsored by

and will hosted

Tuesday, October 9th 9, 2012 @

Van Gogh’s Ear
10 Wyndham Street North from 5pm – 7pm
www.vangoghsear.caAt Malkim, hair is integral to fashion and they draw inspiration from the classic techniques, while pushing themselves to grow, learn and to be leaders in the trends of tomorrow. They look forward to the possibilites that the future holds, and they hope that you will join them in their journey to becoming the best salon in Guelph.

More information can be found at www.malkim.ca

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