September YPN Wrap Up

We wish to thank everyone who attended the YPN Event last night, your attendance made it the success that it was. The energy during the networking activity was amazing and got accolades from the staff and the patrons afterwards.

With the six questions that were asked we know you may not have scored 100% but I am sure you came up with more names.  Why?  Because these are people who had the Midas touch in your life.  Adding value to you was important to them, they focused on others not just getting ahead financially.  If you want to do something that will make an impact beyond your life, then treat people better than they treat you, walk the extra mile, help people who cannot help you, do right when it is natural to do wrong and keep your promises even when it hurts.  You can tell when people have the Midas touch with others because they create a legacy that outlives them.
Thank you to the staff and ownership of Baker Street Station.  The hospitality was amazing.  More information can be found on the web at  We just found this, pubs can win a Golden Tap Award? Best #pub in #Ontario? Is that Baker Street? Voting stops Sept 17! We’re not really bothered if you vote for them or not, but go vote for your favourite craft beer, all the Ontario craft brewers deserve awards. If you want to throw Baker Street in there, cheers!

Also, special thank you  to Canadian Legacy Builder.  The secure lifestyles and legacies for people who care through inspiration, confidence and direction.  Anyone who is ever loved by someone else leaves a legacy of some kind.  Find out how great of an ancestor you can be

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