Guelph Young Professionals Network


A Silent Cheer: Against the Odds


Tuesday May 14th, 2013
5pm – 7pm


Our host this month is The Bookshelf eBar – 41 Quebec Street


We have a special guest visiting us from Calgary who will be speaking to her recently published book, A Silent Cheer.

In this presentation, Dr.  Emily Roback, B. Sc, DC will take you on a  journey through her life after being diagnosed with a severe to profound hearing loss at just three years old.

Not only does she offer the audience a revealing look into the deaf culture, she also shares a personal story of a young, hearing-impaired girl who defied odds, overcame obstacles and worked to achieve goals to become a doctor, athlete and business owner.

This presentation seeks to inspire young professionals.  The stories on coping with deafness, often poignant and humorous, through a continual motivation to be the “best that you could be” despite the challenges and frustrations, will inspire you to embrace your dreams and achieve more what life offers them.

Positive and uplifting. Those with or without disabilities, are able to rise up to overcome what often appears as insurmountable obstacles throughout their lifetime. Emily addresses the dedication, passion, and character necessary to survive and thrive in spite of the odds.

Click here to see video on ‘A Silent Cheer’

Dr. Emily Roback is a free-lance writer for the Canadian Chiropractor Magazine, Helicopter Canada Magazine, and Search & Rescue Canada Magazine, and has inspired many rescue technicians, pilots and health professionals to seek her expertise in aviation and chiropractic. She lives and operates a private practice in Calgary, Alberta. Her dog, Ivey, is currently in training to be a service dog, ironman triathlon training partner and sports agility performer.

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