Host YPN

YPN membership numbers in the hundreds and is growing consistently.

This is a well-connected,  influential group of business people who are looking for places to meet and will enthusiastically recommend restaurants that ‘get it’.

Host a Guelph YPN Event!

In addition to welcoming 30-40  new patrons to your restaurant, YPN Hosts will receive recognition in Event Invitations, at YPN Events, the YPN wrap up communication, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

Hosts are asked to provide a designated area & service for up to 50 Young Pros with the option to highlight menu items from your establishment

Hosts in the past have also provided:

Complementary munchies
Door Prizes
YPN Drink Special

To become a YPN Host, contact the office of Zoey Taylor, either by email at or by phone at 519-265-4933.-

One thought on “Host YPN

  1. Greetings,

    Team Asylum would like to co-host a YPN event in The Asylum with a venue (i.e. restaurant, pub) partner (we can source if necessary) or ideally match us with an existing host for an upcoming event.

    About Game Asylum:

    Game Asylum Inc. is a partnership of three KW-Guelph locals who were looking for a great business opportunity that is both fun and unique. It is the region’s only Mobile Video Game Theatre. See, Hear and FEEL the action! Four big screens, dolby digital sound and bass shakers create an unforgettable experience! Challenge a friend to a Battle of the Bands, NHL 11, Mario Kart, Halo Reach and more!”

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